Key features

The Combinator by Trill is great for all kinds of music from hip-hop and trap music where you need a lot of bass around 30-50Hz, for pop, dance, rock or any other genre of music having beautiful and clear mids, very good air and a good punch and very fast transients.

The speaker was created to help you in your day-to-day work in the studio combining various types of technology that result in a high-quality product. 

  • The passive radiator helps the high excursion low driver to reproduce very low frequencies.

  • The planar 8” mid driver has the same technology used in very well known in the high-end planar headphones being recognized for the beautiful mid frequencies, incredible dynamics and excellent transient response and accuracy.

  • The ribbon tweeter completes the frequency response of the planar mid driver, being well known for having very fast transient response and being able to extend the frequency response of the loudspeakers up to 40kHz.



  • Active 3-way nearfield studio monitor

Ideally suited for

  • Recording

  • Post Production

  • Mixing and Mastering

  • Anywhere where high quality sound reproduction is needed

Driver units

  • Bass: 1×9″ 230mm 

    High linear excursion

  • Mid: 1×8″ Planar Mid driver 

    Excellent transient response and accuracy

  • High: 1×1″ True ribbon tweeter 

    Low distortion, very fast transient response

  • Passive radiator: 1×10″ 254mm

    Extended bandwidth of the speaker

Amplifier features

  • Auto shutdown

  • Clip protection

  • Thermal protection
  • Filter protection

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